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We hear from doctors, dietitians and nurses – in hospitals, research institutions, medical practices, specialty clinics, home care and long term care:


"Thank you so much for sending me samples of your product, the patients in the Oncology center LOVE all of them! ...The nurses are BEGGING for more samples; this is one of the only products they have been able to get the patients to drink and has been a lifesaver for some…”

Oncology RD

“FYI: My mother is 77 years old and her physician told her she needed to eat more protein. She eats very small amounts and dreaded the thought of having to eat more meat. I provided her a sample of the chicken broth and chocolate protein powders and she loved both of them. She was happy to find something she could drink for an evening snack that wasn't heavy and tasted good.”


“We now have all three of our docs using the Unjury® pre-op diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery. The docs say it does reduce liver size and eliminates some of the fat, making the surgeries safer and easier. The docs can also tell if a client hasn't followed the diet, and in one case he had to postpone surgery because the liver was too fatty and he couldn't complete the surgery. She later followed the diet, and he was able to do the surgery.”

Bariatric RD