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Where Vitamins Come From

Where Vitamins Really Come From

People might think that companies make their own products, or that at least they are made in the US. All too often that is no longer true. Eight million shipping containers arrive at the Port of Los Angeles alone, most of them from China.

A high – and growing – percentage of the vitamins made in the world are made in China. A full 90% of the world’s Vitamin C is made in China.

Vitamins made in China are not generally made by the Chinese division of an American Company. Rather, they are made by a Chinese company. The American company is buying critical ingredients from entirely independent Chinese companies, with all of the risks that entails.

While Chinese manufacturers don’t always place a high priority on quality, they clearly understand the value of making their American buyers dependent on them. Sometimes the American company gets so dependent on the Chinese companies that make their products, that the American company is afraid to complain too much about quality problems! In "Poorly Made in China," Paul Midler notes that "Chinese manufacturers had caused the (Mattel) great (reputation) damage by delivering toys that were contaminated with lead paint." Yet following a major recall by Mattel, Mattel executives (subsequently) went to Beijing "issuing an apology to the Chinese government for the damage they had caused the industry."

Is your vitamin company afraid to complain to the Chinese vitamin manufacturer when quality slips?