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Welcome to UNJURY® Protein where you can TASTE SUCCESS™!

I want to personally thank you for entrusting us to support your health. For 16 years, I have made it my life's work to produce the highest quality, best tasting proteins, and vitamins. I have done this to give you the best possible chance to be successful.

We have a great team of folks here at UNJURY® who care about you as much as I do. When we say that we are here for you every step of the way, we honestly mean it. That’s why you will find my personal email below should you have any questions or concerns. You can also feel free to just drop me a note saying "hi" and to let me know how you are doing and what you like. From our products, to our people, and to our personal commitment—we are here for you!

Now, here are the key ingredients to BE SUCCESSFUL, both NOW and LONG TERM with UNJURY:

Taste the difference; it makes a difference.

Priority #1: You need to get enough high-quality protein. To do that, you have to like the taste of your protein. One reason UNJURY® Protein is the trusted top recommendation of so many top hospitals, health professionals, and patients is because it's deliciously smooth, not gritty, doesn't coat your mouth and has no aftertaste! The differences are huge.

Stay on Track. You might hear advice to get back on solid food, and maybe even stop using shakes. But did you also know that Weight Regain is a big topic at ASMBS (the bariatric surgeons' society)? They are asking how to stop it. We can answer that question based on our experience with thousands of patients.

Stopping shakes is a mistake. Protein supplements (as part of healthy eating) are the right answer. 90 grams per day. Medical research clearly supports this. Protein is your insurance policy against weight regain, for the rest of your life - two to three shakes a day.

In short, great taste makes long term protein usage possible. Long term usage is the foundation of your success. That is why we have adopted the tagline: TASTE SUCCESS™.

UNJURY Products. Mix it up.

  • UNJURY® Ready-To-Drink Protein comes in two delicious flavors—Vanilla and Rich Chocolate. It's the ultimate in high-quality protein with grab-and-go convenience! People who try it, love it. One practice recently told us “it is flying off the shelves!"
  • UNJURY® Quick Mix Powdered Proteins are truly delicious. We offer 7 different powder protein varieties: Chocolate Splendor, Chocolate Classic, Vanilla, Strawberry Sorbet, Chicken Soup Flavor, Santa Fe Chili™ Flavor and Unflavored, as well as our plant protein option, Planted™. Chocolate and Vanilla are great in milk. Strawberry Sorbet tastes delicious in cold water. All three of these flavors work very well mixed into your favorite beverage or smoothie! We don't recommend using Unflavored in plain water, but it's great in Crystal Light type beverages.

    And UNJURY Quick Mix Protein isn't just for liquids. It can also be mixed into solid foods, such as oatmeal, Jell-O, pudding, pasta sauce, hummus, soup, chili and more.
  • UNJURY® Protein Bars are available in two sizes: full size and half size (known as "Mighty Bites"). They are delicious high-protein microwaveable brownie bars that patients love.

Click here to check out all of our recipes, then mix up something that's good and good for you!

As an UNJURY customer, you can be confident you are getting:

  ● Taste — 100% Guaranteed to be the Best, or Your Money Back

  ● Quality — Unsurpassed Superior Whey Protein Isolate/Milk Protein Isolate

  ● The Only Protein Recommended at All of America's Top-Rated Hospitals

That's why UNJURY® customers are loyal, and we are loyal to them too. Everybody loves UNJURY and we know you will too! And did you know UNJURY also makes vitamins? OPURITY® Vitamins are the highest quality, purest vitamins available. Click here to learn more about OPURITY!

Contact us with questions, or if you'd like samples of flavors you haven't tried yet.

I love to help and so we would love to help! 1.800.517.5111, or Jerome@UNJURY.com

Your biggest supporter,

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