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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are OPURITY® vitamins different?


  • We make the industry's first guarantee: No Ingredients from China.

    It’s been a hard two years to get to where we can actually make that guarantee. Some vendors asked why we were asking about China when no other companies were. Some companies wouldn’t make promises, or vaguely said that they “right-source”. Some companies made promises but were not judged trustworthy.

    We also promise you this: if ever anything changes, and we cannot source an essential ingredient except from China, we will be certain that you know before you buy. We will disclose everything we know, and don’t know, about that ingredient.

    But right now, we can truly make the guarantee: No Ingredients from China.

Q: What research is behind the opurity® formula?


  • opurity® products are designed with input from PhD ingredient specialists, MD condition specialists, and Masters-level dietitians. The President of our company is a Masters-level Registered Dietitian with three decades of experience with patients and nutrition.

Q: How Bad is it that My Multi-Vitamin ingredients are from China?


  • It depends on what health risks you are willing to take. And on how much you know about how Chinese manufacturing usually operates. And how important it is to save 19 cents a day -- because you don’t have to use the cheap from-China ingredients multi-vitamin. You can use opurity®.

Q: Do you expect the quality of ingredients from China to improve over time?


  • Probably not. The short answer is, “The Tiger Doesn’t Change Its Stripes”. The reason we say that is that the quality problems in China are deep-seated, and often cultural—and cultural items change slowly, if at all.

Q: What are the terms of your money back guarantee?


  • Our guarantee is quite simple: Yes, you can return it for a refund. If a consumer buys opurity® vitamins and wants a refund, they get their money back.