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For Men

OPURITY® Every-Day Multivitamins are a great choice for men. With OPURITY® ChinaFree™ Multivitamins, you know you are getting high quality, and high purity nutrients from trustworthy sources.

Which Men Need a High Quality MultiVitamin? These men:

  1. Men who are busy. It takes a lot of time to eat a healthy, truly-balanced diet that provides all the vitamins and minerals you need, every day. Even when we know it’s not ideal, too often we have to grab fast food on the go – and that’s good for hunger, but not vitamins and minerals.
  2. Men trying to stay healthy. Vitamins and minerals play amazing and vital roles in maintain good health. A good quality multivitamin is a like an insurance policy, helping make sure we get everything we need everyday.
  3. Men trying to lose weight. Virtually every weight loss study requires participants to take a multivitamin while on the study.
  4. Men on a heart-healthy diet. Restricting saturated fats and oils, which can limit intake of B12, zinc and iron.

What you can miss when:

  1. Men who are busy. Who has time to plan balanced meals every day? Eating on the go, convenience foods, fast foods, just don’t deliver the full range of nutrients we all need. When you don’t get the nutrients, you can feel more tired, so you have even less energy for healthy eating, and so things can get worse.
  2. Men trying to stay healthy. Men often don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. So it’s just too easy to miss out on B-complex vitamins, Vitamins A, C, D and E, and more.
  3. Men trying to lose weight often cut back on carbohydrates in their diet, and they often don’t get enough fruit and vegetables. So they can be particularly deficient in B-complex vitamins, Vitamins C, Vitamin A and more.
  4. Men on a heart-healthy diet. Because of the restrictions of these diets, a high-quality multivitamin is a wise choice to help insure against possible deficiencies.
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