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Unjury Vegan Protein Enhancer: L-Methionine (30-day Supply)


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Methionine is the limiting Essential Amino Acid (EAA) in legumes, a valuable source of protein in many vegan diets. It’s also the most common limiting EAA in vegan diets. You can easily fortify your vegan protein by using this methionine supplement to complement the EAA in legumes.
UNJURY Vegan Protein Enhancer details:
250 mg of L-Methionine per capsule
Raises the protein quality score of Planted™ Protein to 96 out of 100
Take up to 2 capsules per day
Capsules are completely vegan
Can improve overall quality of other legume protein sources, including: soy, peas, chickpeas, beans, peanuts and lentils.
Each bottle contains 60 capsules
Our Vegan Protein Enhancer is the ideal complement to our vegan protein powder, Planted™.
Fortify Planted™ Protein with this supplement to ensure you are getting a complete, high quality protein to enhance your plant-based diet.

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