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How UNJURY® Has Already Helped Others

My doctor is very well pleased

“Hi Unjury...a new update for ya. I went to the doctor yesterday to have my blood pressure and A1C checked for my diabetes and I'm happy to report that my A1C dropped to 6.3. Isn't this great?!!!! My doctor is very well pleased and wanted to know what I'm doing. I told her about your product and gave her the info on it. She told me to keep it up and see me in another 3 months.”

UNJURY brought me out of the diabetic range!

"Since I've replaced some carbs and other foods in my diet with UNJURY, my cholesterol has gone down, my triglycerides, and UNJURY brought me out of the diabetic range!.

I can't even explain enough just how much I love your product"

UNJURY to fend off the "sweets monster"

"My wife turned me on to your protein and they make a GREAT shake for Type 2 Diabetes people like myself. I was looking for a low sugar, high protein drink that I could make to fend off the “sweets monster”. I found it with your protein. I mix a scoop, one small low sugar yogurt, 8 ounces of low fat skim milk or Lactaid in my case, and ice in a blender. It did the trick. Comes out tasting GREAT, just like what you get at a Smoothie place, AND cheaper! Again, thank you for a great product."

Seems like every kind of breakfast cereal upsets my tummy, but an Unjury smoothie never does.

"I introduced my daughter and diabetic granddaughter to Unjury last week. Both loved the chocolate and I’ve been serving chocolate smoothies to them for breakfast this week. My granddaughter’s blood sugar readings have been good.

I prefer berry smoothies in the morning. Seems like every kind of breakfast cereal upsets my tummy, but an Unjury smoothie never does. It is the best breakfast I know of.

Thanks Unjury!"

It contributed to a healthy pregnancy and healthy children

"When I was pregnant with triplets my dietitian recommended that I consume 200 grams of protein a day! I also had Gestational diabetes which made it more challenging to supplement with most shakes on the market. Then I began using the Unjury unflavored protein and making my own shakes! Thank you so much for providing a high quality protein powder! I believe it contributed to a healthy pregnancy and healthy children Thank you!"

Unjury was recommended by a Registered Dietitian (who was recommended by my doctor) when it was determined I was carrying twins. It is challenging to gain the RIGHT kind of weight during pregnancy, and twins are typically low birth weight and have the potential for being born very early.

"My doctor wanted me to "grow" the babies as quickly as possible, and so I was put on a very high protein diet.

At 24 weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was, of course, very upset about this diagnosis, but continuing on my high-protein plan was actually the best thing for me and the babies! ... It has become the one treat I look forward to, and I know it has helped me to "grow" the babies faster than I would have otherwise. They are doing well and I am due in the next few weeks!

Thank you for making a great product that is SO easy to use - and your staff is great every time I call in, as well! I am very pleased and highly recommend the product and the company."

Thanks to UNJURY

"My A1C was 6.4 ( I originally started out at 7.0). You just don't know how good I feel at this present moment. The weight may not be noticeable right now, but who cares..I know eventually it will and I feel GOOD!!! I like to say I'm under re-construction right now. Once again thank you and I'll be talking with you again soon.

Thanks to UNJURY, I have something that balances other foods for and diabetes that tastes good and works."