Rein in Regain Bundle - 60 Day Supply


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Gaining weight after you have achieved significant weight loss is frustrating. You can reverse regain when you commit to a plan.

The UNJURY® Rein in Regain Program will help you get back to your happiest and healthiest weight. Recapture that feeling of meeting your goals and being your best self!

Most patients lose at least 2 pounds per week when they commit to the plan and follow the guidelines exactly.

The Rein in Regain Plan is based on a 1200 calorie per day diet, packed with high quality protein, and a variety of nutritious whole foods. You will even get suggestions for how to stay true to the plan while eating in restaurants.

You will be empowered to…

Get back to protein!

Get back to a healthy lifestyle!

Get back to feeling energetic!

Get the support you need to be successful!

30 Day Rein in Regain Package contains:

1 Container of Unjury Meal Replacement (you choose the flavor)

1 Container of Unjury Protein (you choose the flavor)

2 Bags of Unjury Mighty Bites (you choose the flavor)

1 Case of Unjury Ready-To-Drink (you choose the flavor)

1 bottle Opurity Multi-Vitamin (You Choose)

1 bottle Opurity Calcium Citrate Plus (chewable)

1 bottle Opurity Vitamin D3 (chewable)

1 Unjury Recipe Book

1 Instant Read Thermometer

1 Kitchen Food Scale

1 20oz. Shaker

1 Sample Meal Plan

1 Eating Guideline

1 Food Journal Guideline

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Rein in Regain Bundle - 60 Day Supply
Rein in Regain Bundle - 60 Day Supply

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