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We guarantee the quality of every OPURITY® Tablet. Here is how we do that.

We test heavily, both for the nutrients that must be there, but also for contaminants that should not.

Even more important, we start with excellent sources. There is an saying in manufacturing that you cannot inspect IN quality.

In other words, inspection can identify problems (so you can throw out something bad), but it doesn't IMPROVE what is there in any way.

Here’s an example: You can sniff a container of milk in the fridge to see if it smells bad. You throw it out if it smells bad. But sniffing doesn’t make it good. And sniffing, just like testing, cannot find all problems. It is impossible to test for everything. And there is always someone in China looking for a way to save a buck by tricking the tests.

So we believe the first step is to start with excellent, trustworthy sources.

You can tell how serious we are about that because we offer the only complete multivitamin (and multimineral) supplement In North America that has No Ingredients, No Raw Materials, from China. That costs us more, some ingredients cost as much as 4 times as much, but you will see that our prices are not higher. We guarantee that we have taken extreme steps to insure that no ingredients are from China.

Finally, we guarantee your complete satisfactions. Our return policy is, Yes You Can Return It for a full refund. Click here to read about our money back guarantee.

Sophisticated buyers of vitamin ingredients on the global market view ingredients from China as less likely to be trustworthy --for good reason. You have read about the melamine incidents, including new ones in January, 2010, adulterated heparin and tootpaste, and lead in toys for children. Sophisticated buyers don’t trust Chinese vitamins, BUT they want the lowest price, and that’s how you get Chinese ingredients in your multi-vitamin.

But can you really detect all the contamination or deliberate counterfeiting without knowing what to look for? History says “No”. It’s hard to detect all the contamination or deliberate counterfeiting. Why? Because most cutting edge testing still requires that you know what you are looking for. You cannot just tell the laboratory, “test for everything toxic or counterfeit.”

We thus believe that the only way to achieve an acceptable level of safety is to start at the origin with well-known trustworthy sources, and to be totally ChinaFree™.

It's taken two years to get to where we can actually make that guarantee. Some vendors asked why we were asking about China. No other companies were. Some vendors wouldn't make promises, or vaguely said that they "right-source." Some companies made promises but were not judged trustworthy.

We also promise you this: if ever anything changes, and we cannot source an essential ingredient except from China, you know before you buy. We will disclose what we know, and what we don't know, about that ingredient.

But right now, we can truly make the guarantee: No Ingredients from China.

We wish we could source everything from the US. That is just not possible. Sadly, many vitamins just are not made here anymore.

So we are always careful buying our vitamin and mineral ingredients — when possible from all-US sources, and then from Canada, Western Europe and Japan — all highly developed countries with educated workers and high quality standards. See also our 100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee.

We treat our customers the way we want to be treated as customers. We share information. We make our products with integrity. Finally, any consumer can return anything bought from us for a full refund.

If you want to return anything, just send us an email at Service@opurity.com.

We will respond within one business day. You can also call us toll free Monday through Friday 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time at 1 (800)517-5111.