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OPURITY® Unlocked Iron (30-day Supply)


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Iron Deficiency is Serious, Common, and Some Iron Supplements can be Hard to Tolerate
• Many adults experience iron deficiency—even those who take iron supplements.
• Often people can’t tolerate iron supplement side effects, so they stop taking them.
• Low iron can lead to fatigue, decreased work performance, poor learning ability and depressed immune response.

New Unlocked Iron™ Solves Tolerability Problems and Gives you a New Kind of Iron
• Unlocked Iron™ is a safe and gentle approach to boost iron level and build iron stores.
• It uses a combination of very gentle low dose glycinate iron, plus vitamin C, and a very special iron-carrying protein found in milk called Lactoferrin.

The Lactoferrin in Unlocked Iron™ uses Special Receptors no other Iron can use
• Lactoferrin delivers iron to special receptors in the lining of the small intestine so it can be absorbed better.
• It is so safe that it is widely used in infant formulas, and it has the added benefit of providing important immune system support.

If you’ve been searching for a safe, gentle and effective solution to your challenges with traditional iron supplements, you’ve found it here.

Additional Information

Label Information
Why OPURITY is Better
  • OPURITY®: A superior formulation that uses the best sources and forms of each nutrient.
  • OPURITY®: Formulated to be optimal to fully meet the needs of adults including seniors.
  • OPURITY®: ChinaFree™ - OPURITY™ Uses No Ingredients from China, for Your Safety
  • OPURITY®: NO Artificial Colors (check your brand for “FD&C colors” or “yellow #6” or “red #40”)
  • OPURITY®: We use no unproven or fad ingredients.
  • OPURITY®: Extreme focus on quality, just as you would expect from the makers of UNJURY.
With OPURITY ®, Trust is the First Ingredient ™
Other Ingredients Hypromellose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate. Contains: Milk
Suggested Use Adults: One (1) capsule daily—follow healthcare professional's advice. Do not exceed suggested use without healthcare professional approval. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN. As with all supplements, if you are on medication, pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare professional before use.

Customer Reviews

Amazing! by DrMelissa on 5/27/2018
Taste and Quality
I have suffered iron deficiency since before my gastric bypass. I almost did not get my bypass out of fear I would not be able to keep my iron levels normal and that is just what happened. Six years later I have still be struggling to barely keep my iron level normal. Then I received an email with this product. I immediately ordered a bottle. After just a few weeks I have noticed a marked difference in my energy level and my iron levels have increased! As an added benefit, this formula does not make me sick to my stomach as other iron supplements. I am very happy with my results!

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