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Protein For Twins & Multiples

Protein For Twins & Multiples

During pregnancy, you are supporting the growth and development of every cell of your baby. Moms of multiples have double, triple, or sometimes even more times the responsibility to make sure their babies are getting the protein they need for healthy development for every bone, tissue, muscle, etc.

Pregnant women and breast-feeding moms need an additional 25 grams of protein each day. If you’re expecting multiples, you need an additional 50 grams of protein each day, according to the National Academy of Medicine.

Babies need protein to grow. Expecting moms use UNJURY® to make sure their baby is getting the protein he or she needs for healthy growth and development of their cells, tissues, organs. Adequate protein is necessary for a developing baby's brain, heart, bones, and even fingers and toes.

Prenatal Protein

For most moms who are expecting, your daily protein intake should be 100-130 grams. Moms expecting twins or multiples should be getting an additional 25 grams (125-155 total grams) of protein every day.

If you’re expecting multiples, follow this simple math to determine the recommended amount of protein you need:

  • 75-105 grams daily recommended protein for women
  • + 25 grams of protein for Baby 1
  • + 25 grams of protein for Baby 2+
  • = 125 grams of protein DAILY

Of course, each mom is unique, so consult with your dietitian or call 800-517-5111 to speak with one of UNJURY’s Registered Dietitians.

Did You Know:

Prenatal Vitamins Do Not Contain Protein!