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Beating Morning Sickness

What’s the solution?

When you are experiencing Morning Sickness, you’re facing two problems:

  • Morning Sickness makes you feel ill.
  • Morning Sickness can keep you from getting the protein you and your baby need

Protein Can Help You Feel Better:

70% of expecting mothers experience morning sickness. The three most common symptoms of morning sickness are nausea, vomiting, and changes in appetite. Battling morning sickness is more than just avoiding foods that seem to make you feel queasy or nauseous. Pregnant moms not only need protein, but it can help beat the symptoms of morning sickness.

When pregnant moms battling morning sickness are struggling to find their appetite, and having a hard time keeping anything down, they use UNJURY®. Expecting moms tell us UNJURY Chicken Soup flavor works well during difficult times of pregnancy, such as morning sickness. In addition, UNJURY Unflavored can be used in a wide variety of foods and beverages.

Beat Morning Sickness for You and Your Baby with PROTEIN

Pregnant and breastfeeding women need 25 extra grams of protein per day (50 extra if expecting multiples). One serving of UNJURY® provides 21 grams of protein per serving; as much as 3 eggs without the fat and cholesterol.

Visit https://www.unjury.com/recipes to view recipes that expecting moms like you are using to battle morning sickness. Try these recipes for great-tasting snacks and side dishes that are high in protein and healthy for moms during pregnancy and breast-feeding.