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"Made in the USA?"

The Truth About Sourcing

How can they say "Made in USA"?

We can find no legally-binding definition of "Made in USA" -- or what the requirements are for a vitamin to meet that definition. Nevertheless, we believe that calling a multi-vitamin "Made in USA" when important nutrients and ingredients are from China is misleading, in fact, offensively misleading. To learn more about the vitamin business, and where they are made, click on Where Vitamins Really Come From?

We wanted, for our own health and safety, to take a multi-vitamin with no ingredients from China. As we began to investigate, we became more and more concerned. First, we believe all standard multi-vitamins sold in the US use some vitamins, some ingredients, from China. Worse, we became deeply concerned about the quality and contamination risks of those ingredients.

China makes approximately 90% of the ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in the world. Vitamin C from China is far cheaper than from non-Chinese sources. When you connect those two dots, you can pretty safely bet the Vitamin C you are taking is from China.

China has a dominant, and growing share of worldwide production of other vitamins as well.