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The Purest Ingredients

OPURITY® is a multivitamin multimineral supplement you take once a day to address the important requirements recommended by the National Academy of Sciences - Institute of Medicine. OPURITY™ is designed for superior Safety and Purity.

All OPURITY® vitamin and mineral products are ChinaFree™. None of the ingredients in OPURITY® products are from China. OPURITY® multi-vitamins are unique in being ChinaFree™ – based on extensive research into the industry as well as recommendations from top experts in sourcing in the vitamin business. Read more at No Ingredients From China.

Every nutrient is double-tested, first for identity and purity, and then for correct inclusion levels in the final product. We test (assay) every production run of finished product for correct composition of every nutrient in the product. We also assay every production run for contaminants.

We believe such thorough testing is important and necessary. However, it is not a substitute for having highly-trustworthy sources, because you cannot test for everything. Consider the Chinese melamine scandal: purchasing companies did conduct protein assays on incoming protein blends that were (almost certainly deliberately) contaminated with melamine to fool the protein assay . But they were looking for protein, not melamine. The melamine was discovered only after infants died and pets died.

These are the reasons you can now buy The World's Purest Vitamins™.

All OPURITY® formulations are gluten-free.

Backed By Science

OPURITY® products are designed with input from PhD ingredient specialists, MD condition specialists, and Masters-level dietitians The President of our company is a Masters-level Registered Dietitian with three decades of experience with patients and nutrition.

Our first source for all nutritional considerations is the Dietary Reference Intakes information from the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine. This provides deep information about requirements, deficiencies, tolerable upper limits and more. We also consider information from National Institutes of Health. We base every formulation decision heavily on these sources as well as on thorough reviews of clinical literature and expert input. We also stay up-to-date on condition-specific research.

Consistent with recommendations from those and other serious sources, we do not recommend or support “mega-dosing” of nutrients.

We carefully consider new research, but history shows that much of the "hot" or "newspaper-headline" research is not as valid as that which has been proven and re-proven over time.