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Dangers of Ingredients from China

The Dangers Explained

How Bad is it that My Multi-Vitamin ingredients are from China?

It depends on what health risks you are willing to take. And on how much you know about how Chinese manufacturing usually operates. And how important it is to save 19 cents a day -- because you don't have to use the cheap from-China ingredients multi-vitamin. You can use Opurity®.

Author Ellen Rupert Shell, in her 2009 book, "Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture" writes:

"Substandard and fake goods are so common in China that the Chinese have an expression, heixin (pronounced hey-sin), to describe those who make, sell or profit from them. Heixin roughly translates as "black heart"."

We believe the primary objective of most Chinese manufacturing operations is keeping price low, not keeping quality high. In the recent book, "Poorly Made in China," Paul Midler uses the term "quality fade." "This is the deliberate and secret habit of widening profit margins through a reduction in the quality of materials. Importers usually never notice what's happening; downward changes are subtle but progressive. The initial production sample is fine, but with each successive production run, a bit more of the necessary inputs are missing."

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