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No Ingredients From China

At Opurity vitamins, Trust is the First Ingredient

At OPURITY®, our philosophy is Customer First, and that means Quality First.

For example, that is why we were the first to use 100% methylcobalamin (Vitamin B-12) from a non-Chinese source, even though it was as much as eight times as expensive as cyanocobalamin from China. We choose the better source even when it costs us more. But it does not cost you more.

Where do your vitamins come from, and why does it matter?

Most vitamin brands choose the cheapest ingredients they can find. Would you expect that attitude to get the purest and highest quality?

OPURITY® Vitamins (from UNJURY® Protein) believes vitamin ingredients made in China represent a potential risk to your health, because Chinese supplements and medicine providers have a long-documented history of cheating and adulteration. This page details what we are doing to keep your vitamins trustworthy and safe.

It matters because: recently, a prescription drug was recalled because it contains cancer causing contaminants ("FDA expands blood pressure drug recall for fifth time this year" nbcnews.com)

That happened even though prescription drugs get more scrutiny than vitamins.

A batch of contaminated vitamins could actually damage your health.

So it is important that Opurity® is also the first, and only company to make China-Free™ Multivitamins.

Why do other multivitamin brands use ingredients from China often for most ingredients?

We believe they do because Chinese ingredients are less expensive -- less expensive to the company, not necessarily less expensive to you. They don't want you to think about quality. Rather, they say: "Look at all of our great flavors!", or maybe "Look at how much Vitamin D we have", perhaps to keep you from thinking about quality and contamination risk.

Just because the Supplement Facts box "looks" ok, that doesn't mean that the product is high quality.

Our Continuing Pledge

We will always intentionally avoid all raw materials from China whenever that is a practical option, even when that material costs three or even eight times more. Over time, sources of raw materials change in ways we cannot control, so we can no longer absolutely guarantee after March 2019 that we can avoid every single raw material from China.

If we encounter a need to source a material from China, we will take the following precautions to protect you: first and most important, we promise to source it: a) from a plant that has been qualified and regularly inspected, b) from a manufacturer of known quality. Second, we will test carefully using the best available accredited independent third-party laboratory.

More About Testing

All of our ingredients are always heavily tested and assayed throughout the process. How heavily? At least four times, often five times, throughout the product process. We go far beyond what some companies call "Good Manufacturing Practices, or GMPs". We also insist on using the most reputable accredited independent third-party laboratory. Some companies just use labs that they own or control.

We use our products daily ourselves. We are committed to having the highest quality products we can provide – products that are better for you. If it’s not good enough for our family, it is NOT good enough for yours. That's why we are here.

- Jerome Krachenfels
   President and Co-Founder
   UNJURY® Protein and Opurity® Vitamins