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UNJURY® Protein for Breastfeeding Moms

Protein is an important nutrient for moms and their babies during the breastfeeding period. Mothers who choose to breastfeed continue to need the additional 25 grams of protein daily.

Breastfeeding mothers have higher requirements for most nutrients because many nutrients including vitamins and minerals are used to produce breast milk. On average, lactating women need around 75-105 grams of protein per day.

Low protein intake may not alter milk volume, but may affect certain fractions of milk nitrogen, which is essential for your infant’s healthy development.

Weight Management

It’s essential to get adequate protein post-pregnancy, especially for mothers who want to manage their weight. Protein will give your body what it needs and will help you feel full and satisfied more than less-healthy food choices.

New moms, especially breastfeeding mothers, should avoid restrictive weight loss diets. Losing 2-4 pounds a month usually will not negatively affect the milk supply for your baby. However, losing more than 4-5 pounds a month is not recommended.

For personalized recommendations, please contact an UNJURY Registered Dietitian at 1-800-517-5111.