“Hi, I had my surgery on May 14th, 2012. When I left the hospital I was 413 pounds. 3 months later I have lost 90 pounds. I am amazed everyday when I find I am able to do something I coundn’t before. I now am able to go for walks, put my shoes on easily,… Read More

“When I made the decision to have my surgery I was a whopping 398 pounds! I am just hitting my 8th month post op and I have lost 124 pounds. There were days where I felt like I was going to die and I could not walk a block without crying. I was suffering and… Read More

“I had gastric bypass surgery in October of 2009 I was in a size 24 and weighed 282 lbs I now am in a size 12 weighing 165 Its not easy keeping the weight off There is no miracle to it It takes hard work protein protein protein little carbs and exercise I love unjury… Read More

“After finishing my masters degree and a very painful and emotionally devastating divorce, I decided it was time to take care of myself in a way I hadn’t been able to for years. With two teenage children and an (ex-)husband who was himself at least 100 # overweight and a walking advertisement for metabolic syndrome,… Read More

“This ain’t my first rodeo. I lost 160 pounds, November 2000 to March 2003. I lost 140 lbs on my own, by making healthy food choices (good, wholesome foods, not processed, fat free crap) and drinking alot of water. I lost the last 20 with Weight Watchers. I made it to my goal weight of… Read More

“I was tired of being over weight, having health problems and was getting bigger and bigger. I made the decision that I Had to do something, so I contacted a local hospital and had bypass surgery and they recommended trying Unjury saying it was the best tasting. I tried it and have now been using… Read More

“April 2011, The beginning of life for me. I was on 20 different medications for Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, restless legs, depression, acid reflux, IBS, Migraines, sleep apnea, and many other things. My BMI was over 40. Now I am on 3 medications!! I have dropped 102lbs and feel like I am… Read More

“I am scheduled for lap band surgery on 8/24/2012. I was scheduled 2 years ago, but had sepsis and was put into a medication induced coma prior to surgery. Since the coma, I have been hospitalized as often as every 4-6 weeks for water retention due to CHF. I am diabetic, have sleep apnea, and… Read More

“Well, I am not banded yet, Aug. 23 is the big day, but I’ve been using the Unjury protein for several weeks now in preparation and I LOVE it. Wanted to find a protein powder ahead of time so after the surgery I wouldn’t be stuck with something nasty that I couldn’t stand. Glad I… Read More

“In 2007 I broke my lower back. I had one surgery, then another, and another. I had a ripple effect going up my spine. I was about 300 pounds. I had to retire on disability from the police department after the first surgery. The weight kept getting worse because I kept eating and I would… Read More