You have bariatric surgery to be successful, of course. But, success long term isn’t guaranteed—you must keep at it! What things keep people from that forever success? (and how do you get past them)   1. Hunger   2. Not enough protein (need about 30% of calories)   3. Supplements that they don’t enjoy 1. Hunger. You… Read More


  1) Use a meat thermometer. A thermometer is essential when grilling, or cooking in general. It will ensure that you avoid under or over cooking your meat. Under cooked meat can be dangerous to consume, and over cooked meat may have to be tossed. 
2) Marinate meats for at least thirty minutes. Marinating before… Read More


  When it comes to protein, there is UNJURY®, and then there is…not-exactly-UNJURY®. Not-exactly-UNJURY doesn’t taste as good as UNJURY. No-exactly-UNJURY tends to give up on quality to save money. Medical researchers often spend two years or more on a study – and that study might well help the lives of thousands of patients. So,… Read More


  Occasionally people hear “UNJURY® Chicken Soup Flavor” and cannot figure it out because most proteins taste sweet. We understand. In fact, several UNJURY employees and RDs initially felt that way when they first heard about UNJURY Chicken Soup Flavor. But when they taste it, they discover how delicious it is and rave about this savory, satisfying, high protein option. UNJURY Chicken Soup… Read More


  Whether someone has had weight loss surgery or is just trying to lose weight on their own, this email we received at UNJURY® is a good reminder of a big mistake to avoid… “Hello- I am a 3 ½-year gastric bypass post-op patient. I used to use your product religiously, but over the last… Read More


  It’s that time of year again! When you’re planning, or attending your next cookout, try swapping out some of your favorites for healthier versions by following these 3 simple tips: 1. If you enjoy snacking on chips and dip, try veggie dippers instead with yogurt dip or hummus. There are plenty of delicious flavors… Read More