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Why UNJURY is Better

Quality is Essential
How Much Protein?
Protein Recipes and Tips

7 Great Flavors


OPURITY Vitamins



Who Needs UNJURY®


Why UNJURY is Better

Quality is Essential
How Much Protein?
Protein Recipes and Tips

7 Great Flavors


OPURITY Vitamins


UNJURY Protein Recipes and Tips

UNJURY is a great tasting medical quality whey protein powder that is ideal for making protein shakes, protein smoothies and your favorite protein recipes. There are many ways to use UNJURY, and we are learning about more ways – and new recipes – every day…from our customers!


As you might expect, recipes that are just right for one health goal or medical situation might need to be changed for another. So we have gathered the recipes that are generally right for each goal or situation, and listed them accordingly.

Click on the health goal or situation that is of most interest to you below:

Weight Loss Surgery Seniors Cancer Patients
Weight Loss Heart Health Wound Healing
Pregnancy Vegetarians Healthy Lifestyle

Click here to view our complete list of recipes with a low calorie, low carbohydrate focus.

UNJURY Protein Drinks, Protein Shakes and Other Fun Recipes
If you have a specific medical condition, please click on the condition above. The recipes below are great when you don't have a specific medical condition. You can adjust each recipe to your taste. For example, anywhere milk is mentioned -- you can also use skim milk.

High-Protein Milk

For an extra 150 to 300 calories per serving, add ½ cup of ice cream to each serving.

Great to use with cold cereal

28 gms protein

Mocha Proticcino (pronounced “Pro-ti-CHEE-no”)

A fun Mocha Protein Cappuccino

1 scoop UNJURY's Chocolate protein or Vanilla protein powder
8 ounces milk (1 cup)
1 tablespoon regular/decaf instant coffee

Place all ingredients in a shaker and shake until blended. Enjoy!
Protein: 28 grams per serving

Extra ideas

Add Peanut Butter: Add a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter to the Chocolate or Vanilla Protuccino. Blend until smooth.
Add a Banana: Add banana to Chocolate or Vanilla Protuccino. Blend.

Fruits of the Season Protein Smoothies

1 scoop UNJURY's Vanilla protein powder
8 ounces milk (1 cup)
About ¼ cup fruit (any mix of berries, bananas)

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smoooooth. Enjoy all spring, summer and fall!

Protein: 28 grams per serving

Another “Fruits of the Season Smoothie” to try:

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Mix Chocolate UNJURY into 8 ounces milk (1 cup) with banana. Blend.

Hi-Protein Jell-O

Use Jell-O, 4 servings package, with any UNJURY flavor.

Follow package directions for dissolving Jell-O in 1 cup of boiling water.

After dissolving, set aside to cool for 3 to 5 minutes.

In a different bowl, measure 1 cup of cold water.

Add two scoops of Unflavored UNJURY to cold water, one scoop at a time, stirring slowing to dissolve.

Stir UNJURY mixed in cold water into dissolved Jell-O.

Chill quickly. The protein will settle somewhat to create a smooth cloud at the bottom. The taste is unchanged.

Protein: 10 grams per ½ cup Jell-O

UNJURY Protein Jigglers

Use Jell-O Gelatin 4-servings box.
Boil ¾ cup of water. Stir boiling water into gelatin, stirring until completely dissolved.
Cool for 5 minutes.
Measure ½ cup of room temperature water.
Mix two scoops of UNJURY* slowly into water.
The resulting solution will be thick.
Add to cooled down Jell-O. Mix well.

Refrigerate until firm.

Important Comments: The whey protein might settle somewhat toward the bottom, but the taste is unchanged. Entire recipe contains 40 grams of protein.

*Suggestions for flavors:

High Protein Pudding

Use Jell-O Instant Pudding (Not Cooked) 4 servings package.

Measure 2 cups of cold milk following package directions.

Add two scoops of UNJURY's unflavored protein to the two cups of cold milk.

Thoroughly mix UNJURY's whey protein powder with the milk by shaking or stirring.

Then follow pudding package directions by putting the Jell-O Instant (Not Cooked) Dry Pudding Mix into a bowl. Add the Unjury and milk mixture.

Mix Well. Chill and Enjoy!

Protein: Each ½ cup serving has 14 grams

*Suggestions for flavors:

UNJURY Cream of Chicken Soup -- Contains No Chicken!

Super Quick and Easy! Takes about 90 seconds to make 1 serving.

Pour 8 ounces of milk into a microwave-safe container.

Microwave milk about 1 minute, then microwave 10 seconds at a time, checking the temperature each time - until 130º F – do not heat above 130. (A meat thermometer is a good idea for the first time, then you will know how long your microwave takes.)

Stir in one scoop (or one packet) of UNJURY's Chicken Soup flavor protein.

Enjoy a satisfying high-protein lunch with a great savory cream of chicken taste!

PROTEIN: ~ 29 grams

















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UNJURY Chicken Soup
- Jeannette from Los Angeles
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"Fantastic Find!"
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UNJURY Chicken Soup Packet
- Uprising Phoenix
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