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Weight Loss with UNJURY® works. Here's why:

The leading reasons diets fail is hunger. Research shows that protein is best for satisfying hunger, and whey is the best protein for satisfying hunger. UNJURY provides you with the purest, most dense whey protein available, so it Satisfies Better and Tastes Great.

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UNJURY was designed by an experienced Registered Dietitian, using the most up-to-date research-proven approach. Get started today with great-tasting, hunger-free and affordable weight loss that works.
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UNJURY® Protein for Weight Loss


People immediately understand when you say "yo-yo dieting". You lose a little quickly, and it doesn’t stay off long term.

You know many of the reasons diets fail: constant hunger, high cost, complicated regimens, bad taste, and some are just marketing gimmicks.

There is another reason. When dieting, we often try to eliminate sources of fat and cholesterol, such as beef and pork, eggs and cheese. But these are important sources of protein. Getting in good amounts of high quality protein is critical to avoiding hunger.

UNJURY helps you get in more of the highest quality protein, without fat and cholesterol. It’s extremely concentrated protein. That’s why Weight Loss with UNJURY Works.

Clinical research indicates that diets higher in protein create greater satisfaction, less hunger, and weight loss success1. Developed by a clinical dietitian, the protein in UNJURY works to satisfy your hunger -- and greater satisfaction helps you lose weight. You don’t have to watch calories. Instead, UNJURY lessens hunger by providing a vital nutrient to your diet – protein! Weight Loss with UNJURY Works!

The first thing you notice about UNJURY is the taste. Many supplements just don’t taste good. They can be chalky and gritty. They can coat your mouth, and have an aftertaste. UNJURY tastes great! It is a high quality protein powder mix that can be used to create quick shakes and smoothies -- or added to coffee, orange juice and your favorite recipes. Click here for UNJURY recipes and tips -- or explore our 7 great tasting flavors below:

Mix up your favorite UNJURY drink in seconds. UNJURY offers an approach you can stick with daily. In fact we call it UNJURY STICK-WITH-ABLE  WEIGHT LOSS (Learn More). The protein in UNJURY works to satisfy your hunger. This satisfaction helps you lose weight. It’s simple! It doesn’t require radical changes in lifestyles and eating habits through a forced regimen. It's easy!

UNJURY is an affordable protein supplement for weight loss. Even though it’s delicious, convenient, and the highest quality -- UNJURY often costs less than the same amount of high quality protein from beef, pork, chicken or fish. It works out to be a little over $1 per serving. You can get protein your body needs at a price you can afford! Click here to try UNJURY.

Designed by a Clinical Dietitian, UNJURY is Medical Quality Protein® trusted and highly recommended by doctors, dietitians and nurses -- and their patients. UNJURY uses only Whey Protein Isolate -- and receives the highest score (100) on the protein quality scoring system recommended by the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences. Your body needs quality protein. Sufficient protein is essential for a healthy immune system and good energy levels. UNJURY is protein you can trust!

In an effort to avoid fat and cholesterol, dieters often avoid foods such as meat and cheese. Unfortunately, these foods are good sources of protein. Reducing protein intake can have a negative effect on both weight loss and overall health. It appears that when we don’t get enough high-quality protein -- your satiety decreases and a sense of feeling hungry can increase. UNJURY helps your body get the quality protein it needs.


* This is a general recommendation that, of course, cannot consider individual patient needs. It does not, and should not, supersede the recommendation of medical professionals who best know the individual patient needs.


1. D S Weigle, P A Breen, C C Matthys, H S Callahan, K E Meeuws, V R Burden, and J Q Purnell. A high-protein diet induces sustained reductions in appetite, ad libitum caloric intake, and body weight despite compensatory changes in diurnal plasma leptin and ghrelin concentrations. Am. J. Clinical Nutrition, Jul 2005; 82: 41 - 48.

















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