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Top 5 Ways UNJURY® Can Help You Maintain Heart Health*

  1. UNJURY has the protein of 3 EGGS – without the fat and cholesterol.
  2. The cells in your heart – in the muscle and other tissues – are constantly being replaced. That requires protein.
  3. UNJURY tastes great! Customers and Dietitians tell us it tastes much better than Boost and Ensure.
  4. UNJURY is designed by an experienced Clinical Dietitian, MS RD.
  5. UNJURY is easy, affordable AND has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Your doctor said you have high cholesterol and to watch your diet. And some of the high cholesterol/high fat foods (eggs, some meats) are also great sources of protein.

Without enough protein, you can lose strength and energy and even lose heart muscle.

A medical diagnosis story in The New York Times describing a patient with chest pain, noted:

Malnutrition can eat away heart muscle the same way it wastes other muscle. Without the proper intake of calories and protein, the body turns to muscle to provide the necessary nutrients.

So how do you get enough protein? UNJURY can help! It's highly-concentrated, high quality protein, that tastes great and is easy to use. Each serving has 20 grams of protein, as much high quality protein as 3 eggs – without the fat and cholesterol. UNJURY is also low in sodium.

A Great Tasting Protein
Most lower quality protein shakes use whey protein concentrate; UNJURY uses only whey protein isolate. Not only do you get more protein and less lactose (milk sugar) -- you get an amazingly great taste. Create a great tasting protein shake, a fresh cold protein smoothie or add quality protein to your own recipes. Read more about UNJURY protein and its flavors below:


* This is a general recommendation that, of course, cannot consider individual patient needs. It does not, and should not, supersede the recommendation of medical professionals who best know the individual patient needs.

















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100% Satisfaction Gaurantee!
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