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Complications from cancer therapies can contribute to reduced protein intake -- which can lead to weakness and loss of energy.

Top 5 Ways UNJURY® Can Be Helpful for Cancer Patients*

  1. UNJURY can add to your strength and energy when you need protein.
  2. UNJURY has a clean taste that works for cancer patients.
  3. Customers and Dietitians tell us it tastes much better than Boost and Ensure.
  4. UNJURY isn't thick or heavy -- it has no aftertaste.
  5. UNJURY is easy, affordable AND has a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

You want to maintain and rebuild...your Strength and Energy.

To replace or rebuild -- muscle mass, white cells, red cells -- you need enough protein. During treatments, appetite can be weak, and protein foods such as meat and eggs can have less appeal.

UNJURY offers a way. UNJURY is dense, very high quality protein with an unusually clean smooth taste -- without aftertaste or chalkiness. In fact, we guarantee it tastes better than other supplements! Read our Suggestions for Using UNJURY for Complications of Cancer Therapies by clicking here.

A Great Tasting Protein
Most lower quality protein shakes use whey protein concentrate; UNJURY uses only whey protein isolate. Not only do you get more protein and less lactose (milk sugar) -- you get an amazingly great taste. Create a great tasting protein shake, a fresh cold protein smoothie or add quality protein to your own recipes. Read more about UNJURY protein and its flavors below:


* This is a general recommendation that, of course, cannot consider individual patient needs. It does not, and should not, supersede the recommendation of medical professionals who best know the individual patient needs.


















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100% Satisfaction Gaurantee!
Our Return Policy: Yes you can return it. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!