You are already know about cold, high-protein drinks. For example UNJURY Chocolate is a high protein powder with chocolate flavoring.

So What's UNJURY Chicken Soup?

It's the same high protein powder. Instead of chocolate flavor, it's a delicious savory Chicken Soup flavored protein powder that you mix in heated water (and more). One scoop has the same 20 grams of protein.


Here are 7 Great Ways to Using UNJURY Chicken Soup powder: (each full recipe is below the list)

  1. Original UNJURY Chicken Soup 
  2. UNJURY meets Ramen 
  3. Super Quick & Easy Homemade Chicken Soup 
  4. Make Mashed Potatoes a High Protein Meal 
  5. Sour Cream Dip and Toppings 
  6. Amazing Mayonnaise 
  7. Hi Pro Cream Cheese Spread 
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