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"This stuff is AWESOME!"
"I love the Chocolate Splendor - and the classic as well! I mix it with skim milk and put it in the ..."Click here to view complete customer review.
"My favorite protein powder"
"I love the unflavored. It truly is unflavored, unlike some of the others I have tried. I like to m..."Click here to view complete customer review.
"I don't mind sweet drinks as much as many folks do, but this is the most delicious protein item out ..."Click here to view complete customer review.
"Simple to fix and absolutely DELICIOUS! STARBUCKS CAN'T COMPARE! "
"This is my first time trying the chocolate classic and for lunch today I made myself a mocha shake, ..."Click here to view complete customer review.
"Believe it...It is truly amazing!!"
"This is the best tasting protein product out there. I knew it was good based on the reviews. Now I..."Click here to view complete customer review.
UNJURY Chicken Soup
- Jeannette from Los Angeles
"Chocolate Splendor, Chicken soup and Vanilla Unjury"
"I was skeptical that a low calorie, low fat, high protein could EVER taste good. Boy was I wrong!!! ..."Click here to view complete customer review.
"Fantastic Find!"
"These Chicken Soup savory protein packets saved me while I was on a medical liquid diet after surger..."Click here to view complete customer review.
UNJURY Chicken Soup Packet
- Uprising Phoenix
"WOW! This is GREAT protein!"
"I had gastric bypass 3 years ago. I was finding myself becoming less and less interested in food. No..."Click here to view complete customer review.

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