OPURITY®  BAND-Optimized Multi  - Chewable

OPURITY® BAND-Optimized Multi - Chewable

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Quick Overview

The BAND-Optimized Multi chewables are designed by medical nutrition experts to be ideal for Gastric BAND patients. OPURITY is unique because it has No Ingredients from China – so it’s so pure you only need one tablet per day. With Purity you get Great Taste.

90 tablets per bottle - one per day.

Great Orange-Berry taste! Below: see our label information, and all of the reasons the OPURITY BAND-Optimized Multi is better!

OPURITY™ is Better in So Many Ways:

OPURITY™: is China◆Free ™ - OPURITY (tm) Uses No Ingredients from China, for Your Safety
OPURITY™: All you need is ONE Chewable Tablet Daily
OPURITY™: Tastes Great
OPURITY™: High Levels of Vitamin D (as Vitamin D3)
OPURITY™: NO Sugar Alcohols (check your bariatric brand for  Mannitol or Sorbitol or Xylitol)
OPURITY™: NO Artificial Colors (check your bariatric brand for “FD&C colors” or “yellow #6” or “red #40”)
OPURITY™: NO Milk Ingredients (check your bariatric brand)
OPURITY™: Extreme focus on quality, just as you would expect from the makers of UNJURY.


Why do other brands use cheaper ingredients from China, yet their price to you is higher? That’s why, with OPURITY ™, Trust is the First Ingredient