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UNJURY Chocolate Classic Protein Container

-Kosher Ⓤ rBGH Free

Availability: In stock

Our original chocolate flavor, Chocolate Classic, is great in milk!

Customers tell us that UNJURY® Chocolate Classic protein powder, when mixed into milk, tastes “just like Nestle’s Quik”. If you like coffee, you can use it to make a mocha flavored coffee drink that has 21 grams of protein!

One scoop of UNJURY® (before you add it to the beverage) provides 21 grams of high quality protein—as much as 3 eggs or 3 ounces of cooked beef or chicken—without the fat and cholesterol.

UNJURY® chocolate whey protein supplement is specifically designed by a clinical dietitian to deliver Medical Quality Protein™.

For all UNJURY® flavors, do not use in liquids hotter than 140º F. Proteins, when heated, change texture. For example, you have seen an egg white go from a clear gel, to firm white, when cooked. For UNJURY®, in a hot liquid, the proteins tend to clump. A food thermometer is a good way to get the temperature nicely warm...just right.

17 Servings Per Container

Additional Information

Flavor Chocolate Classic
Package Container
Number of Scoops 17
Label Information
Ingredients Whey Protein Isolate, Fructose, Cocoa Powder (Alkali Processed), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Soy Lecithin, Xanthan Gum, Sea Salt, Aspartame,Acesulfame Potassium, Potassium Chloride. Contains: Milk, soy, tree nut (kola). See allergy information below.
Allergy Information Manufacturing employs practices designed to segregate ingredients on equipment that also processes egg, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, soy, fish and shellfish products.

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Customer Reviews

Damn Good All Around!

Review by Jessica

Taste and Quality
I had my RNY back in October of 2002...so i will be 14 YEARS post op this October. I've lost over 200 lbs and hovering around my goal weight. I start every day with 8 oz unsweetened, plain almond milk mixed with 1 scoop original Chocolate (not the chocolate splendor ). A couple of good shakes and it's good to go! I get between 90-120 oz of protein a day and half of it comes from my 2-3 shales a day! I have tried all the flavors and original chocolate is by far my favorite!

Great product.

Review by Elizabeth

Taste and Quality
I love Unjury. It is great tasting and gives me the added protein I need before having my bariatric surgery. I have yet to try the other flavors but I intend to as soon as possible. I am sure that they have the same great taste and quality as the chocolate. Thank you guys for a product I can use for the rest of my life.

Awesome stuff

Review by Linda

Taste and Quality
I love this stuff. I was planning on having the lap band procedure. I have lost so much weight on my pre-op program. I no longer need the surgery.

great Protein powder!

Review by Rosie

Taste and Quality
I was on my protein powder with another. Till my friend told me to try Unjury now I has been on Unjury Protein powder for four Years. Thanks

Amazing Taste!

Review by Rachel

Taste and Quality
I hated every protein powder I ever tried until my nutritionist gave me a sample of the chocolate! It's amazing! So great! I throw a scoop in the blender with sugar-free Carnation instant breakfast, skim milk and a tbls of peanut butter! Just like a Reese's PB cup!

So Delicious!

Review by Samantha

Taste and Quality
I had gastric bypass surgery 7 months ago and have tasted dozens of awful protein powders. I don't know why it took me so long to try Unjury, but in Chocolate Unjury I have found a protein I love. I look forward to it every morning! I mix it with skim milk, instant coffee, and ice - MOCHA!!! Thanks for making my mornings much nicer! :D

the best quality for absorption

Review by JB

Taste and Quality
the flavor of the chocolate is great by itself in milk; the vanilla mixes well with Crystal L ite orange for a protein "Orange Julius" and with a little cooled coffee for a latte like drink

Great before and after bariatric surgery!

Review by Marilyn

Taste and Quality
I used unjury for the time before my surgery while on the hospital required diet, and have used it daily since my surgery...May 2007. I was able to lose a total of 180 lbs and remain healthy with excellent labs. I don't feel hungry and am able to exercise daily without fatigue. ...and I'm 61 years old. Believe me unjury is the best protein out there!

Good Tasting

Review by Kala

Taste and Quality
I like the Unjury vanilla flavor. I have it every morning in my coffee. It is a quick and easy way to get in 20 grams of protein. It makes my coffee taste like a cappuccino, without the added calories...

Not a bad flavor in the line up

Review by Susan

Taste and Quality
I started using Unjury in preparation for gastric band surgery over 4 months ago. Now I'm hooked! I can't imagine having anything for breakfast except the chocolate. I supplement it with skim milk powder, add 1/2 cup of coffee and some ice. It's a delicious mocha shake. Lately, i've been adding a liquid glucosamine supplement, as well.

Thanks Unjury, for a terrific product line.


Review by Nurse

Taste and Quality
Just love the stuff! After gastric bypass, need to keep protein up and calories down. I mix it with 1 cup fat free milk in a 'bottle blender', then fill rest of way with coffee. Great mocha and filling!!!


Review by ktidwell

Taste and Quality
This stuff is really good! I was surprised b/c I have tasted lots of other protein shakes and they always say they are "great tasting" too but this one REALLY is! You will love it! It mixes up really well too unlike alot of other protein and it's not thick when you mix it.

Great in Greek Yogurt

Review by Gigi

Taste and Quality
I use the chocolate or vanilla flavor in plain non-fat Greek yogurt. I've never been a breakfast eater but since having lap band surgery in October I've realized the importance of it so I have Unjury and yogurt every morning.

Love it!

Review by Kari

Taste and Quality
I take 1/2 a cup of skim milk and 1/2 a cup of water and mix in one scoop of the chocolate for a lite smooth shake with very low carbs and sugar.

Love it

Review by mommie

Taste and Quality
I trying different drinks to see which one I like the best, and I LOVE the Unjury Chocolate and Strawberry. Sooooooooooo Glad I tried it..

the best

Review by angela

Taste and Quality
I love love this protein i had gastric bypass 12/09 and won't drink anything else!! I mix it with fat free milk and add 1 tsp of instant nescafe coffee and make a proteinchinno!!! yummy

Great Tasting!

Review by Cindy

Taste and Quality
I have tried many protein drinks in the past and this one tastes the best by far. It's so smooth and delicious with no chalky after taste. I'm on a non-surgical weight loss program and must get 70g of protein a day. It's easy with Unjury. I'm telling everyone I know.

Amazing and thankful

Review by Niceville

Taste and Quality
As a 'young' total knee replacement and lap-band patient, the Unjury Protein products have been a staple in maintaining my nutrional health and key to my quick recovery after the knee surgery, I would, and have, highly recommend unjuy products.

Chocolate Flavor is Excellent

Review by Pooler

Taste and Quality
I was a little scared to order. This product was suggested by my surgeon's office, but I tried atkins instead. Atkin's is okay, but the chalky taste gets old. I ordered the Chocolate and Strawberry Sorbet. I have only tried the chocolate. It tastes like Wendy's frosty. I am serious. I make mine with skim milk, and I like to freesze it to the point of looking like a frosty. This is really delicious. Plus, I am loosing weight with it. I will be ordering this again. This product will make reaching my goal weight a lot easier.

Best tasting protein shake out there!

Review by Jess923

Taste and Quality
A month or so before my gastric bypass in Setptember 2006 I bought samples from the various protein shakes brands out there and Unjury was by far the best tasting. Truthfully, the other brands made me gag and I couldn't keep them down. Unjury was different. It tastes really good. I have a chocolate protein shake made with 1 cup of skim milk and a teaspoon of instant coffee for breakfast everyday during the work week. Thank you Unjury for making it so easy for me to reach my daily protein requirements.

Excellent Product

Review by LynnH

Taste and Quality
Can't tell you just how delicious this product is. Try it. You won't be disappointed. GREAT product!!!

Love it

Review by Yolanda

Taste and Quality
I have tried many protein drinks, this one taste like chocolate milk.


Review by Cindy

Taste and Quality
I was introduced to Unjury by a fellow colleague. I had gastric bypass surgery on April 5, 2010. I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE the Chocolate Protein powder!!!! To me, it tastes like milk chocolate fudge with marshmallow creme mixed in it. Try it, I promise you, you will not be disappointed!


Review by wEnDy

Taste and Quality
Wonderful chocolate flavor, better than any product I have tried

How Unjury has helped me lose and maintain my weight loss

Review by Nisie

Taste and Quality
I had lap band surgery 12/13/07. I have lost 125 lbs. I started using Unjury prior to surgery and continue using it on a daily basis. My favorite is the Chocolate. After reading these other reviews, I am going to try putting the coffee in with it. Thanks for a wonderful, delicious product. I can really tell the difference if I skip a day without my shake.

Makes a wonderul smoothie

Review by Karen

Taste and Quality
I love this protein. I've used it in smoothies and also added instant coffee so I have a cold coffee drink in the morning, protein and all. It blends well and tastes great.

Recipe Idea

Review by Cindy

Taste and Quality
I just tried the chocolate shake with milk, banana, peanut butter and ice, OMG it is great!

Love it!

Review by JeanBean

Taste and Quality
I look forward to my Unjury "meals," that's how good it is! I thank my lucky stars for finding this great product.


Review by Joey

Taste and Quality
I like ALL of the flavors! I've been using them for two years since I had gastric bypass surgery.

Love the chocolately taste

Review by shoney28

Taste and Quality
Great with fat free milk or almond milk. No chalk taste or strong protein taste. Love it.

This is amazing!!

Review by Shelli

Taste and Quality
My husband and I are both having gastric bypass surgery. So we have been searching out the different flavors and the things we can do with them. This is by far the best choc we have tried!!!! We have tried soooo many others but we are sold on this! THANKS for making this a better TASTING product!

Smells and Taste Wonderful

Review by Teresa

Taste and Quality
This is a great solution for Bypass surgery patients because of the protein and nutritional value. Thank you.


Review by inga

Taste and Quality
OMG!! i just recevied this product on monday and i love it...its soo true it doesnt have that chalky taste,it taste just like chocolate milk!!! thank you very much!!!!

Just Buy Unjury

Review by PJ

Taste and Quality
I'm about 2 1/2 years out from lap band surgery and have used Unjury since day one. I tried a few other protein powders, but keep coming back to unjury. I still start every day with an unjury proteim shake. I'm 115 pounds down and at my goal weight.....with determination and some help from my friends at unjury, I'll stay there forevetr!


Review by Guy Holstein

Taste and Quality
Lap Band Dr told me to get this I am drinking in the AM with Oatmeal and Afternoon for lunch with veggies and fruit! VERY filling great taste and smooth I add a LITTLE SF Jello Pudding with it makes it GREAT! BUY TODAY DO NOT WAIT! Worth EVERY PENNY!

Very Good

Review by Penny

Taste and Quality
the chocolate unjury tastes like a milk shake when made with milk...my husband and I have this for breakfast!

Chocolate Heaven

Review by Debra

Taste and Quality
I tokk the suggestion of another reviewer and she was absolutely right!!!! Mix the chocoate with 8 ouces of Almond Milk I used the silk and almond breeze brands and it is pure chocalte delight to be savored.

AH-mazing taste, and texture is like a creamy shake when you add a few ice cubes, if not jut mix it in your shaker and you have got treat reminiscent of a great glass of chocolate milk YUMMO!

Was skeptical at first but now am sold!

Review by it's great.

Taste and Quality
I was skeptical at first but tried it because I wanted chocolate shakes. WOW was i surprised by the great taste. A cup of milk, UNJURY chocolate power and some ice in the blender! Yummmm..... If you have not tired it, do so. You too will be surprised.

i ran out of unjury and tried a different brand - NEVER AGAIN!!

Review by denise

Taste and Quality
i had some unjury, ran out, and bought some Genisoy-type brand. YUCK!!! that's when i learned the true quality of unjury. Unjury was first recommended to me as i was considering weight-loss surgery. I currently weigh 380#. I'm not considering WLS anymore (started working with a personal trainer instead) but I'm still using unjury for a post-wprkout protein and it's awesome awesome awesome. the choc flavor is great in soy milk. i have also used 1/2 scoop of unflavored in grits (1/2 scoop in 4 servings grits) - slight smell of scrambled eggs but it is TRULY UNFLAVORED. I just wish I could use unjury in really hot drinks but it breaks down. choc unjuty + vanilla soymilk = milkshake that tastes SO GOOD you will think it's bad for you but it's not! and i have a crazy sweet tooth. it really is that good. have been using unjury off and on for about 3 months. get it you will NOT regret it :) I promise.

Love it!! Love it!!! Love it!!!

Review by renee

Taste and Quality
Omg !!! I absolutely love the chocolate Unjury!!! I had the lap band surgery and i drink this every morning for breakfast !!!! You wont regret buying this product =)


Review by Lisa Aycock

Taste and Quality
I had gastric bypass two years ago and still use Unjury as my lunch. It helps me get my required protein and has a fabulous taste. I have recommended this product for the last two years and will continue to do so.

Great taste,great value!

Review by BRIK

Taste and Quality
I am very pleased!

Excellent protein!

Review by Runner Girl

Taste and Quality
I was looking for a protein supplement to ensure I get enough protein (I'm an ultramarathoner and I work out daily) but I hated everything else on the market (MuscleMilk - yuck!) and the other brands are much higher in calories and fat. My best friend starting using Unjury after having gastric bypass surgery (her nutritionalist told her about it) and she suggested I try it. I was hooked with my first glass! I now keep a container of powder at the office and at home and it's my go-to snack post-workout.

I also love the packets - I take them when I travel so I don't have to worry about getting my protein!

I only put 4 starts for Value, but really, I think it's 4.5. The reality is all protein supplements are expensive so you just have to suck it up and buy it. =)

great taste!

Review by cz

Taste and Quality
I kept reading about the protein supp on obesity help.com and decided to try it, I bought samples of the four flavors - I have been using EAS chocolate but will be ordering a tub of the chocolate and 10 packets of choclate to take on vacation later today. Amazing.


Review by NICOLA

Taste and Quality


Review by Erika F

Taste and Quality
Mixes just like powdered chocolate.....I drink 1-2 shakes a day with non-fat milk - never need a blender - just a spoon to mix. DELICIOUS!!


Review by Evelyn

Taste and Quality
Surprised? No Way!!! ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED!!! I HATE the taste of protein powders. UNJURY Chocolate is FANTASTIC. The straw berry is very good also. I don't care for the unflavored because it did have a "protein" taste to it. I will be trying the vanilla and chicken noodle soup this week. I will be having the RNY on August 3. Can't wait to be healthier and able to do things.!! Good Luck to All~~ I am ordering two tubs to get me started. YEAH CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate Flavor

Review by Joyce

Taste and Quality
I love this protein drink. Not sickeningly sweet like others I have tried. Has a nice smooth chocolate flavor and I can get 30 grams of protein with one drink using a scoop and a half. Highly recommend.

I love it

Review by KATE

Taste and Quality
I love this stuff it is the best

new shake recipe

Review by Lowbets

Taste and Quality
I like to mix my Unjury shakes. After Bypass Surgery, I missed coffee. I put a heaping teaspoon of instant coffee, 1 scoop of Unjury Unflavored, 1 scoop of Unjury Chocolate, Sweet and Low to taste, ice cubes, skim milk, a little half and half in the blender, and voila! -a mocha shake packed with protein to start my day!
and....YUMMY to boot!

i had lapband this protien is the best

Review by anna

Taste and Quality
i been on it for 3 years


Review by LB

Taste and Quality
Its a blessing to share with others and truth be told "I love the taste". IT WORKS!!

i mix unjury vanilla with stawberry and blueberry it yammy

Review by yooyo

Taste and Quality
i love unjury it really helping me get to my goal.

Best Ever

Review by Maryanne

Taste and Quality
I have searched far and wide for a good protein powder and my journey has finally ended. Unjury is the best protein I have ever had! Ill never use another.


Review by fluffypuppy

Taste and Quality
Unjury chicken soup flavored is YUMMY! Finally found a protein drink that I look forward to drinking!

The best Protein source !!!

Review by p.a.m.

Taste and Quality
I received a sample of Unjury from my weight management doctor.here in Ottawa Canada.I am convinced this is the best protein drink. It is smooth and easy to digest. I drizzle it into my coffee and after my 150 lb. weight loss it is my secret weapon in keeping the weight off and my protein intake higher.

best there is!

Review by mary0124

Taste and Quality
I am on Atkins..and although their drinks are better than most..this product is the best. I mainly want to say it WILL mix in WARM coffee..just not HOT. I tried this AM with a cup of coffee that had been sitting for awhile..I even thought it might be too hot..but I sprinkled some Chocolate Splender in and stirred..mixed perfectly..and tasted like hot chocolate (with coffee!). I didn't put a whole packet in..about 1/3.


Review by cathy

Taste and Quality
Excellent. Mix with 8 oz. of no fat milk and put in blender and it's as good as any milk shake ever.


Review by TESSA

Taste and Quality
I have had many protein drinks and they do not top up with unjury at all. I ordered Unjury chocolate classic for the 1st time after reading the reviews and it was everything and more what people said. You do not taste the protein like the other protein drinks. It really does taste like Chocolate milk. I am hooked now. Thanks Unjury for such a great product.

Don't even try any other's!

Review by Donna

Taste and Quality
Love this stuff! I had bypass surgery and dreaded the protein part of it. Someone else who had it done, told me about the Unjury, (which is the one her surgeon recommends to all his pateints). I can say I almost look forward to my protein shake time now. I put it in a blender with extra cold milk and whip for about 3-4 min. and it's almost as good as a reg. shake. Love it!!


Review by Tina W

Taste and Quality
I have been using Unjury protein since June of 2005. I tried every protein I could find trying to find one that didn't make me gag to drink it. I never thought that in the process I would find one that I love!! I recomend Unjury to everyone, even those who haven't had bariatric surgery. My neices (2,6,7 & 9) as well as my own teenagers love Unjury as well. They are constantly asking me for chocolate milk. I can not say enough good things about this product!! I can't thank the makers of Unjury enough for making such an outstanding product!!

The BEST I have found!!

Review by missouri lap band

Taste and Quality
This protein shake is the richest, smoothest, and best tasting one i have found. Good job unjury!! You made my 2 weeks of liquids before the lap band much easier.

Love the taste

Review by GC

Taste and Quality
I really love this product and will tell others about it, including my daughter and her husband. The three of us having been looking for some kind of affordable supplement to help us lose weight without losing anything else. I think I found it

Just absolutely awesome!

Review by Jackie

Taste and Quality
I had gastric bypass in April and have since lost 70+ pounds. I would really like to give you guys a big high five for aiding in my journey, without this great tasting protein drink I don't know what I'd do! It tastes great, keeps me feeling full and is something I always look forward to. A while back I got an email from you and there was a recipe in there for some snack balls made with reduced fat Jif peanut butter and chocolate protein mix and I added some chopped nuts. AWESOME, that is my high protein snack in the afternoon with a small cup of coffee!!! Keep up the great work and let's see some more recipes! Thank you

The Best of the Best

Review by Arie

Taste and Quality
I like all the Unjury products and I'm 69 yrs. old. These folks have the best protein product made today and I've tried them all.Bypass surgery calls for good protein along with super vitamins that I get from the same folks. Chewable is the better way for taking vitamins at this time. Thanks for your dedication

Not enough stars to rate this wondrful product!!!!

Review by gorham

Taste and Quality
This is the best protein mix I have used since my surgery. I am able to meet my protein needs each day by using these powders. My favorite is 1 scoop of classic chocolate mixed with 2 small spoons of mocha international instant coffee mix in warm tap water, Then I microwave for 15 seconds. Taste like warm hot chocolate. Yummy. :) Tam

Protein First Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

Review by IBKU

Taste and Quality
Top of my list for protein drink. I also feel that it is a family business and they treat you like family. They make sure you are always happy with their product. The orders come on time and are packaged well. I take off the most weight and feel the healthiest when I put 'protein' on my menu FIRST!!

A true life-saver after gastric bypass surgery

Review by Tess in VA

Taste and Quality
One wk before my surgery, I ordered several products after they were highly recommended by hospital dietitian staff & bariatric nurses. Customer service was OUTSTANDING!! I received my parcel the next day! I am truly enjoying the Chocolate Splendor flavor, mixed with skim milk. I have used the Strawberry Sorbet in both plain water & Crystal Light lemonade & also mixed into plain non-fat yogurt; it is so refreshing! The unflavored powder is really versatile. I have added it to flavored non-fat yogurt and have also used the recipe provided on this site for adding it to sugar-free gelatin. The flavor I am most impressed with, though, is the Chicken Soup! I definitely have a sweet tooth & was always quite a chocoholic, but the sweet tastes grow old quickly, and the Chicken Soup is a blessing! All in all, I cannot say enough FABULOUS things about this company and their products!! I highly recommend & will most definitely be a loyal, repeat customer! THANK YOU, UNJURY!!!

my go to protein

Review by linda b

Taste and Quality
I have used Unjury protein since December 2007 and have maintained my 100 pound loss. I make a drink every morning and drink it on my way to work. My daily ritual. I use no other protein and recommend it to all my WLS people.

Hot Cocoa

Review by Skinee

Taste and Quality
I love the chocolate in warm water or skim milk for the richest great tasting hot cocoa. I just luv it!

Lap Band since 2007

Review by Thankful

Taste and Quality
Best ever tasting protein drink, my doctor had his own line of protein products he recommended you to take, but they did not ever compare to this product. I've tried the ones at the health food stores, grocery stores, but nothing could ever compare. Love it will continue drinking these products and recomend them to everyone, whether surgery or not.

The best stuff in the world!!!!!

Review by Jessie Rae

Taste and Quality
I have tried many many protein powders before surgery, and I can't even begin to tell you how great the unflavored powder is. I am just 2 weeks out from RNY-gastric bypass surgery and I have found that I can mix it with just about anything,.....without it changing the flavor of what I mix it with. This is the easiest way for me to get in my 60 grams of protein a day. My favorite things to mix with it is Crystal light or YoJ. I have raved about this product in my support group and anyone I know that needs to increase their protein intake. Like I said...this is "the best stuff in the world."

Carey from

Review by Carey

Taste and Quality
I had gastric bypass surgery i would say i have tried so many and this is by far the best tasting. Love the chocolate going to order more. Thanks

Love this product

Review by Tara Houston Tx

Taste and Quality
3 month's post op from gastric bypass surgery. I have tried different protein products. They do not compair to Unjury. I have fallin in love with the chocolate classic, i have the vanilla and the unflavored but i haven't tried them because the chocolate has such a great taste. I'm happy i have tried this product and i will have no more problems getting my protein in now that i've come across these great products.

WOW! I can't believe how great tasting Unjury protein is...

Review by Gypsy

Taste and Quality
I had been researching WLS for over 8 mo. and following blogs for 2 mo. On the blog everyone raved about Unjury products. With my surgery 2 weeks away I placed my order of the sample packs-big mistake! I should have ordered the large containers!! Unjury is EXCELLENT! The flavor, texture and versitility of use is absolutely awesome! Plus, the customer service is wonderful
!! Thank you Tovah! I've already recommended it to several people. Thank you for such a great product!!


Review by Kitty

Taste and Quality
The Unjury protein has the greatest taste, easiest digestibility and all around phenomenal options. I love, love love this product!! Thanks for all you do and I'll be a LOYAL customer for years to come.

It curved my sweet tooth!

Review by katrina

Taste and Quality
I have purchased the chocolate and vanilla unjury containers. I love both of them, especially in my coffee and milk. For the last month my sweet tooth has been satisfied which has lower my blood sugar to a desire number. I encourage any diabetic to try unjury.. Big Thanks to my fellow coworker who promoted the unjury product!

Best I have ever tasted.

Review by Nancy B

Taste and Quality
These products are great, i have tried many others. I mix the chocolate with milk and a little ice and it is just like a rich Milk Shake. I love all of them. I will use no other product!

The Best bt Far

Review by Linda in new jersey

Taste and Quality
I had gastric by pass surgery a few months ago and tried all the sugested protein drinks...all the others caused much stomach upset...with unjury I'm getting in my protien and no stomach upset...its light and to me it tastes like ovaltine... you will be able to get in your required grams of protein in a few glasses each day... try it you will like it I;m sure...


Review by speek

Taste and Quality
I had gastric bypass surgery 10/10 and I have had an unjury chocolate protein shake everyday. It is GREAT tasting and makes getting my protein in SOOOO easy.. I love this!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Great taste

Review by Danette McBride

Taste and Quality
I love unjury and always suggest it to otheres. I do wish you would come up with more flavors. I love strawberry but not the sorbet.

Best thing yet

Review by Snickers

Taste and Quality
OMG what can I say. This is the best powdered protein I have had since my lapband in March 2010. It mixes better than any protrein I have used and the taste is great. Many people I talk to say, "yuck, protein shake" , and I say don't judge until you have tried unjury. I have already reommended it to many and have only been on it for about 3 months. Do not be skeptical, try this porduct. You will be so gald you did.

Wonderful Product

Review by ToniB

Taste and Quality
I was hesitant about buying this protein powder because I had such a hard time finding a powder that I liked. But, this was suggested to me by my nutritionist and when I finally did decided to buy it I will just say that this is the best powder mix I have came across by far. I like it in milk, but I absolutely love it in my coffee!

My ONLY protein!!

Review by Rrobheard

Taste and Quality
I have been using unjury for over two years now. I used it before my gastric bypass and now after. I have tried MANY other proteins and this is the only protein that stands up to great quality and taste. Before my gastric surgery I used unjury to aid me in loosing 70lbs 1 year after I still use unjury in my maintenance now having lost over 214lbs. I use my unjury in various recipes. Now if unjury could make a protein bar it would make my century. Truly a staple in my life. Thank you unjury!! A faithful customer for life!!

Great Taste

Review by boo boo bear

Taste and Quality
I was very suprised when I tasted it that it was not too much chololate or the fudge kind which II do not like. It tastes like chocolate milk as I mix it with my soy milk, as I can not drink milk and do not gastric by pass by have a syndrome called Gastroparesis and would recomend it for those people as it does not have the fat that other things have and has the protein that I need. thanks for making this

5-star the best

Review by found my protein at last

Taste and Quality
my name is janet here in sc. i had gastric bypass on 3-22-11 ,i have tried so many products for protein shakes nothing is to be compared with unjury protein mixes so far i recommend all they have.it is so light,taste so good ,no bad smell,no after taste in your mouth.i mixed mine with silk- very vanilla flavor milk and it is soooooo good now i can get my protein shake in each day like i am suppose to do daily.today i had strawberry sobet mix with crystal light lemonade and it was so delightful and refreshing it taste like pink lemonade.i am so glad i found this web site i don't know how i found it but i am glad i did.and i will tell my friends about it also thank you andGOD BLESS YOUR COMPANY


Review by justme

Taste and Quality
I have had the classic chocolate, the unflavored and chicken flavored I like them all :)


Review by KimK

Taste and Quality
This is by far the best tasting protein powder I have used. I add skim milk, 2 tsp of PB2 and ice....OH MY GOODNESS!!! A++++ in my book:)

This product is the greatest!

Review by Still skinny LoLo

Taste and Quality
When I had my RNY surgery in 2004 I tried several of the protein powders available in the local stores. YUCK! When I tried a sample packet of the chocolate mix from my nutritionist I wished I could turn cartwheels! At last - a chocolate mix that tasted like REAL CHOCOLATE MILK!! In the early post-op days I often added extra powder so as to get extra protein without extra liquid volume. It's an easy-to-fix breakfast and I still can't believe how great it tastes and how good it is for me! I recommend this product all the time to anyone I know who wants/needs extra protein in their diet. It's the BEST!! E-mails are so friendly, and shipping so fast that this is a great place to "shop"! Try it for yourself!!

TASTE SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by marcia green

Taste and Quality
I thought this stuff was going to taste like the rest of the protein drinks.how wrong i was!!!!!!!!! this is the best protein drink i ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks unjury!!!!!!!!!!

TASTE SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by marcia green

Taste and Quality
I thought this stuff was going to taste like the rest of the protein drinks.how wrong i was!!!!!!!!! this is the best protein drink i ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks unjury!!!!!!!!!!

real chocalate and not gritty

Review by Calysweet 71

Taste and Quality
I purchased this protein before my surgery and still used it after my bypass surgery. It still tastes soooooooo good. I usually have it for breakfast daily. I love it and keeps me energized. Thanks Unjury.

Needed a protien drink and this is fantastic

Review by anita

Taste and Quality
love it!!! love it!!! I just had surgery and was really scared of the taste knowing it was something i needed to drink. and i can say that i will be ordering more of this..

A Lifesaver for Maintenance!

Review by loislanee

Taste and Quality
Unjury really saved the day. I had a lap band six years ago and I still fight 20 pounds of the 110 I lost. Now I just use these great shakes for two meals a day for a week every couple of months and it keeps everything in check. They are delicious and I am a huge fan.

Simple to fix and absolutely DELICIOUS! STARBUCKS CAN'T COMPARE!

Review by Laney

Taste and Quality
This is my first time trying the chocolate classic and for lunch today I made myself a mocha shake, it is delicious! I used 1 scoop Unjury Chocolate Classic, 1 tsp. Decaf instant coffee, 8 oz. of Fat Free Milk, & about 1/2 cup of ice and blended them all together in my beverage mixer ... 28 Grams of Protein!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND UNJURY, IT'S A FABULOUS PRODUCT & WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!


Review by Karen

Taste and Quality
I like chocolate unjury in my coffee


Review by Donnie

I have been using another brand protein drink and the chocolate was like taking medicine. My husband would not even drink it and I was stuck with drinking it. I ordered a sample kit so I could try before buying a large amount.
I am not a chicolate fan.I was so surprised how great it tastes. I am not afraid to reorder in greater quanity . Thanks for a great product.

Best Chocolate Flavor

Review by Robin

Normally I don't like protein powders, they all make me gag but I love Unjury. I wish they had more flavors but I actually like the Chocolate Classic better than the other one, tastes like chocolate milk to me. I was so worried I would never like a protein powder because every one that anyone swore by I hated. So glad I found Unjury.


Review by MDL

Taste and Quality
I absolutely love this protein. Add coffee and ice and it's a mocha. 21 months post-op and 150 lbs down. This has been helping me keep full :)

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