As responsible healthcare professionals, knowing the quality of supplement brands before recommending them is important to you. Patients depend on your expert advice when choosing supplements. Since the FDA does not regulate supplements, it can be difficult to determine which brands to trust and recommend. You may recall that some months ago we posted about… Read More


In the protein and vitamin supplement business, when a company has low prices, everyone pays a high cost: The customer suffers because while the company saves themselves a nickel, they end up removing a dollar of value in the product. Would you really sacrifice better health to save a few bucks a month? The company… Read More


You have probably noticed that many health products are being presented to you as being “trendy”. So you usually hear the words: “They Say”. Who is “They”? They say this is the newest and suddenly popular thing. They say everyone is getting on board with this great new trendy thing. We understand. New can be… Read More


The amount of Nutrition MIS-information in the news and on the Internet is surging to the point where it’s like a tidal wave. Why is it happening? What’s behind it? First, quite wisely, Americans are more and more interested in the role of nutrition and health. This is particularly true as we age. Second, anyone… Read More


You see a lot of recommendations for products out there on the web. Including protein and vitamins. You see them on message boards where people share their thoughts with their group. You see them on blogs. You see them coming from “experts” of all types, including “TV docs” What you DON’T see is the money… Read More


UNJURY® can be an important tool for control of diabetes for a good number of Type 2 diabetes patients. Here’s how: Protein as part of a balanced diet promotes weight loss and control of A1c Weight Loss + good A1c = Type 2 Diabetes patients the best chance of long term diabetes remission. Two Important… Read More


We love hearing feedback from you! Things we regularly hear: “I just feel so much healthier when I’m using UNJURY®!” “I know when I use UNJURY® the weight comes off faster.” “I did so much better on UNJURY®!” Why is protein important? Everything in your body is made with protein. There’s nothing in your body… Read More

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You’ve heard over and over that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it is true. Breakfast IS the most important – for having a good day, and for weight management. But our mornings are often rushed and breakfast is often skipped, or incomplete. Unfortunately, missing breakfast can leave you hungry and… Read More


It is common to see vitamin brands brag about having a lot of a certain vitamin. You have probably seen this yourself. We understand that companies want to find ways to say that they are better…but there is an honest way to be better, and a dishonest way. More is not always better. For most… Read More